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Vol. 1-Dark Realm

After being raised and groomed as a captive bride

for the son of a malevolent female regent, 

Sunset is the only survivor of what she’s told

was a treacherous and deceitful royal family.


Having been “rescued” at a young age, she has only a vague memory of her birthplace, but feels a driving need to seek out her own truth, despite

the warnings she’s received.

Set on the shadowy and menacing world of Erebos that combines stygian mysticism

with advanced technology, the story follows Sunset on her search for her heritage and some way to settle the tempest inside her.

Vol. 2-Otherworld

SUNSET B2 Cover Image.JPG

Sunset has found the Portal of Fos

and escaped the dark world of Erebos!

But what danger awaits her in the

strange place she’s only ever heard

called “Otherworld?”


Join our mysterious young hero

as she battles to uncover more of her

past and answer the burning question

of who she truly is and how she can

protect herself from the shadowy cabal

that’s surely in pursuit!


Why is she so important?

Who was her family?

Who is good and who is evil and...

What’s the difference?

Can she survive?

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