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After 35 years in the music business, performing in major cities around the world, Scotti Mann has turned his attention to writing and illustrating books for children.


Inspired by the works of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein, Scotti's heartwarming illustrations and lyrical storytelling engage young imaginations, encourage enthusiasm for reading, and provoke dialogue between parents and kids about everything from bullying to the true spirit of Christmas.    


Inspired by the bond between his son Jack and the family dog, Max, Scotti wrote and illustrated his first book, What Jack and Max Love, in 2012 and, shortly thereafter, founded his indie publishing company, Scotti Mann Productions. Since then, he has authored and illustrated five more books and sold thousands of copies. He has also illustrated for Good Night Books, a publisher of the popular series by the same name, sold by retailers across the US and internationally. He is currently coming up with more stories, illustrating for clients, continues to entertain both children and adults musically and is gearing up to write his first YA novel. 

A professional musician, songwriter, cartoonist and storyteller for 35 years, Scotti Mann has always had a dream of creating a piece in the style of his first love--Comic Books. Now life's changes have brought that desire to a culmination. So he brushed up his self-taught artistic and writing passions and is starting his little universe.

Scotti Mann lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, Kristin, their three children, (Jack and twin girls, Eva and Gianna). They share their home with a rescue mutts Aspen and Watson and a cat, Molly-Boo.


Scotti's books are available for purchase at and and for digital download at

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