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The Adventures of Jack & Max early reader picture books are great as read alouds and for new readers. Your little one will grow along with pre-schooler Jack and his dog Max, while building reading skills through fun rhyme and repetition. Jack and Max are great pals and want to be your child's friends, too! Join their adventures as they explore the world around them.

Children's books
The Adventures of Jack and Max
Book 1: What Jack and Max Love

The first book in the Jack and Max series introduces everyone's favorite fun and loving little boy and his smart but often mistaken pup! Get to know them as they share some of the things they love to do, from climbing trees to helping people. Then see what their absolute favorite thing is!

Time to join the adventure!!!

Children's Books
Jack and Max and Friends to TEN!

Jack and his best friend, Max, the fuzzy and adorable white pup, are back in book two of The Adventures of Jack & Max series. Count along with them and ten of their friends as they play with toys and learn the numbers one to ten. This is an easy read and picture-perfect story for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are learning how to read and count!

Children's Books
Jack and Max in The TRULIEST Meaning of Christmas!

Jack can't wait until Christmas but his faithful dog, Max is worried. Each day Max watches his best friend write letters to Santa asking for more wonderful toys. Max is sure Jack shouldn't ask for so many gifts for himself, even if he is a good boy. Will Jack stop writing lists long enough to discover what's really important about Christmas? Max is on a mission to help his pal discover the greatest gift of all. Will he succeed? Find out in, "The TRULIEST Meaning of Christmas," a heartwarming tale of love and friendship your family will treasure all year long!.

Children's books
Classic Tales of Jack and Max:
Big Billy the Bully

A new school year has begun! But in the midst of all the after-summer reunions a problem has arisen. There's a new student in class... And he's turned out to be a bully! See what happens when our favorite cowlick-sporting adventurer and his canine pal tackle this worldwide problem in their own school and in their own way!  Classic Tales Of Jack and Max is the second phase of the Jack and Max series from author Scotti Mann. The more involved storylines and vintage pencil artwork move young readers into the Intermediate phase with the familiar characters they've grown to love.

Children's books
The La La Girls: Tubby Time

Jack and his best friend Max can't be having all the fun! Join their little sisters in the very first of many books about the two adorable and zany little ladies!

And soon you'll be able to sing along with the accompanying song!

Children's books
All The Little Kitties

A mama cat has kittens. The kittens learn and explore and play. Eventually all the kittens find new homes and the mama cat grows sad. Then she gets sick and kittens come home to make her well.

Children's books
Children's books
Children's books
The La La Girls:
Meet In The Middle


Little Gracie Grace features Gracie Grace cleaning up a great big mess!

Rosie Rose's Broken Kiss follows Rosie Rose as she solves a tricky problem!

Children's books
Let Your Mind Be...

A young boy (representing the quintessential "everychild") wakes one day and is bored, can find nothing to do, and feels to have exhausted all his options for playing. This is where the author begins to list and describe exciting things and places the child can become and visit, respectively, while using the imagination.

Children's books
A La La Girls Rescue!
The La La Girls, Rosie and Gracie, see a sad advertisement on TV about donating to help troubled and homeless animals and it breaks their hearts! They beg Mommy and Daddy and after promising to be responsible, head to the local shelter and see all shapes, sizes and colors of dogs and cats who need adoption. Will they find their special kitty or pup and give it a forever home?


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